4 Creative Hiring Tests You Can Use In Your Hiring Process

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Setting creative hiring test can help weed out candidates that are not the right fit for the company. Those that are genuinely interested to get this job put in their best effort to complete the tasks assigned to them. Here are 4 creative hiring tests that you can use in your hiring process:


1. Assessment Test

An assessment test can be given to candidates to complete them before the interview. The commonly used test is the psychometric tests which help to identify a candidate’s skills, knowledge and personality. They’re objective, convenient and strong indicators of job performance therefore these tests are suitable if you are hiring fresh graduates. There are two main types of psychometric tests which includes the personality tests and aptitude tests.

Personality test would help better understand candidates professional behavioral traits and personality type (such as by using the MyersBriggs personality test) and analyzing whether their character fits with the role and organization. On the other hand aptitude test assess your reasoning or cognitive ability to determine if you have the right skillset for a role (such as logic, grammar or math).


2. Test Creative Thinking with Unorthodox Questions

The key is to think outside the box and not be afraid to be a little unorthodox with your answers. It’s a great way of testing how a candidate reacts under pressure. It could include simple day to day problem solving questions. For instance, you may ask questions as simple as “Give me five alternative uses for a paper clip.”

Don’t be surprise when candidates start to answer questions from the more logical, “use it to reset my iPhone” to “wear it as a pirate earring.” This question can be useful to test creative thinking for design or development type roles that require candidates to be able to generate ideas fast.


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3. Assign Internal Projects

There’s no greater test to see if someone will be a fit for the job than actually DOING the job. It goes beyond finding someone who is great at answering interview questions, and digs into how they actually get the job done. Basically, this is a small project related to the main function of the job a candidate is interviewing for. Assigning internal projects give candidates a chance to demonstrate their expertise and at the same time, it also creates a great opportunity for conversation that is focused around the opportunities and challenges in the role.

For instance, if you are looking to hire a consultant, you can assign your candidates a task to prepare with for a brief 20-minute presentation and asks them to present to you as if you are the client. You can design these projects by asking yourself this question- what are the core competencies of this role that could be distilled into a 20 minutes project?


4. Set Up A Hackathon

You could also consider sponsoring a hackathon where participants would need to “hack” a solution for a posed problem. If you’re looking for someone creative, particularly for a role that is likely to have a large number of applicants with low levels of distinguishable experience– such as an intern or those from the web technology industry– this hackathon can help filter through to those who really want the job and have the ability to stand out.

You will use a genuine problem that your company is facing and asks for submissions on how to solve it. This will make your company attractive to worthy candidates that may not have made it through a more standard interview loop.


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