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EC Secretary aims to provide you with a complete range of digital secretarial services with a totally effective way of conducting business. Through the latest state-of-the-art digital accounting and secretarial services, you can now save time, costs and efforts when dealing with your company’s finances and corporate compliance matters, effectively and efficiently. Why waste time and costs liaising with too many parties, when you can now get all the business solutions you need under one roof? Combining advanced digital systems with our team of professionals. From daily bookkeeping of business-related transactions and annual accounting reporting to monthly payroll management and ongoing fulfilment of legal and corporate governance matters of your company, you can now obtain them within a one-stop solution hub, that is, EC Secretary. We are one of the leading providers of secretarial services in Kuala Lumpur with a long-standing track record, assisting hundreds of companies in addressing their daily business transactions and finances as well as company secretarial matters. Instead of hiring a permanent team of accounting staff and administrative staff with long-term salary, EPF, SOCSO contributions and other fringe benefits, which will burden your costs, why not opt for outsourced company secretarial and accounting services? With our outsourced company secretarial and accounting services, we will help you handle all the tedious daily bookkeeping works involving billing, invoicing and collections, etc., as well as liaise with the relevant authorities and preparing documents for corporate governance purposes such as preparation of the required forms, resolutions and minutes for your company’s board meeting, resolution for bank account opening, and many more.