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Leaderland' Products Nursery & Preschool (age:3-6 yrs old) Primary student (age: 7-12 yrs old) Mission: We strongly believe everyone can be a leader and has the potential to be a great leader if he/she is being encouraged and developed through proper guidance, education, training and planned experience; being prepared to confront various challenges in life start from young. Therefore we commit 1) To Provide quality and innovative leadership development programs. 2) To nurture leadership quality, entrepreneurship quality, creativity and team spirit. 3) To create an dynamic environment to foster learning enthusiasm and acquiring braod interests. 4) To equip the children necessary living skills in order for them to excel in their future in any industry they are going to venture in 5) To constantly inspire and discover potential within an individual. Vision: To be a reliable partner of parents in developing, nurturing, equpping and empowering their beloved children to be a world class leader. Philosophy: 1. Nobody is perfect in this world; however everyone is unique in his or her own way and will excel and succeed in life if they maximize their potential and strength. 2. Everyone is a great leader if they are being encouraged and developed through proper guidance, education, training and planned experience 3. Environment is one of the key factor in developing a leader 4. Continuous learning and reviewingare keys to be an effective leader. 5. Only leaders with right values, good ethics and positive characters will bring values and benefits to the world we are living; make it a better place to live. Objectives: 1. Develop LEADER's characters (36 character qualities) such as punctuality, obedience, responsibilitiy, forgiveness, creativity etc. 2. Develop LEADER's habits (7 habits) such as proactive, think win-win etc. 3. Develop LEADER's skills such as decision making skill, problem solving skill, emotional comtrol, social & human skill, public speaking skill, listening skill, team work etc.

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