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berhenti apply kerja buat sementara waktu atau mohon cuti untuk menghadiri interview session?

Saya akan bekerja under program protege pada minggu hadapan dan pada masa yang sama saya juga sedang aktif memohon kerja jawatan permanent di syarikat yang lain. Tetapi menjadi satu kerisauan apabila syarikat syarikat yang dipohon memanggil saya untuk ditemuduga. jadi apakah yang boleh saya lakukan untuk menghadiri interview tersebut? atau perlukah saya menolak dan berhenti untuk memohon pekerjaan buat sementara waktu?
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When you find yourself in a situation where you have applied for multiple job opportunities and have an interview scheduled while also being enrolled in the Protege program, there are a few options you can consider. First, it's important to prioritize your commitments and consider the future potential of each opportunity. If the Protege program offers significant long-term benefits or aligns closely with your career goals, you may want to prioritize it over attending the interview for a permanent position elsewhere. In this case, you should approach your prospective employers and explain your current commitment and unavailability for the interview. This is important in maintaining professional integrity and not wasting the employers' time. They may appreciate your honesty and consider your application for future opportunities or adjust the interview schedule. On the other hand, if the permanent position you are pursuing aligns more with your career objectives or offers better prospects, you can request a temporary leave or time off from the Protege program to attend the interview. Communicate this situation to the program coordinators, expressing your gratitude for the opportunity and seeking their understanding. If granted a leave or time off, make sure to schedule the interview accordingly and fulfill your obligations and commitments in the Protege program once you return. Ultimately, the decision should consider your long-term career goals, the potential of each opportunity, and maintaining professionalism in your job search. Open and honest communication with both the Protege program and prospective employers is crucial to finding the best solution for attending the interview session while managing your commitments.