CIMB Job Application Status My friend, which is one of the CIMB Bank Bhd employee recommended me to work as Personal Financial Consultant at CIMB Bank Bhd at Boulevard Miri branch, so I did went for the interview with the Branch Manager. Branch Manager has recommended me to CIMB Bank Berhad to hire me. I had filled out all the necessary forms for job application even the Statutory Declaration Form. Branchanager told me to wait for HR to contact me to further the hiring process. Mind that, all this was on 28th April 2023. I was so happy that I have high chance to work at CIMB Bank. The interview at that time more like a report duty. Its more to sharing the daily activity, monthly target and so on as Personal Financial Consultant. Its sounded serious and i thought that I'd definitely get that job position. So I got high hopes to this. After 2 weeks since the interview, I asked the Branch Manager for the updates and he told me that he has discussed my application with CIMB Bank Berhad Regional Director. Branch Manager told me to wait for further updates. After 3 weeks since the interview, suddenly got 1 other candidate they need to consider the application. I was the first to got it but suddenly got 1 other candidate. Branch Manager told me that HR still need the Regional Director to decide whether to choose me or other 1 candidate. Regional Director has not made any decision yet. But I went to the CIMB Bank Bhd official website and found out that they posted an advertisement for job position and location that I applied. I am confuse. What happen here? I thought HR has finalised their candidates? It's me and other 1 candidate. Does this mean that CIMB does no longer interested with my application and will not further my application to hiring process?


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