Assalamualaikum..morning.. need some opinion n suggestions..i work at retail for 11yrs..berkhidmat dgn company yg sama..alhamdulillah naik pangkat step by step till become ex*******.. but now nk cri keje lain sbb totally no time for my self since my age already 30+ gaji blh lh.. tp kdg2 gaji hmpir hbs byr blk dgn company to pay the short item..yg prnh keje kedai fhm situasi nye mcm mane.. now, almost give up... hrp2 dpt keje n gaji yg lbh baik dri yg skrg since I have commitments..bknnye xprnh try apply keje gov ..bnyk kli dh apply tp xde panggilan..tadahkn telinga bila bnyk kli kene sindir ckp tulh, bnyk kli dh srh apply keje gov gaji pun just diam je...:(


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