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Marketing Salary In Malaysia

Average Base Salary
RM 1680
RM 2043
RM 2439


What is Marketing Job about ?

The Marketing job is to create, manage, and enhance brands. The position is in between product development and sales. Marketing monitoring market trends, create ads campaigns, develop pricing strategies, and targeting customers/audiences based on demographic data, and work to develop more awareness of what they offer.


How to become a Marketing?
Marketing people need to be creative and often study the market. They have to wise where will spend the marketing budget. Spend the budget as effectively as they can and right on target. Have knowledge about conventional marketing and digital marketing will be an advantage.


What is the Marketing job requirement?
Each company has a different requirement. In general marketing job has a requirement:
- Creative thinking and good communication skills.
- Have knowledge of conventional marketing or digital marketing.
- Willing to learn new things.