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DRINK2U is Malaysia 1st Convenience Food & Beverage Chain. Some may wonder why the name DRINK2U instead of a name, which has more relation to food & beverage mart,that is because our founder specialize in manufacturing raw materials for F&B.

We specialize in manufacturing on F&B industry. The existing OEM customer division produces more then 500 different raw materials around the world. Such capability allow us to be able to cater to each and everyone's complex taste.

Our hope is to create more entrepreneurial opportunities with our fast paced beverage trend, so that everyone can become an outstanding fast-food chain protagonist!

The goal is to popularize this market so that everyone in the big cities community can enjoy it as well.

The sole mission is to give most authentic quality, best price, friendly service and benefits back to our loyal customer!

We are looking for an ENERGETIC and PASSIONATE candidates to join our team!

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