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Alsai Engineering Sdn Bhd

RAWANG, Selangor

Company SSM No 1098351-W

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ALSAI (***8351-W) incorporates in 2007. ALSAI formed in accordance to expansion and diversification services provided by Green Energy Services (*****1108-V). Our main scope services divided into refractory installation, mechanical fabrication and refractory materials supply. ALSAI is a refractory installation and mechanical service provider to cement, Oil & gas, Palm oil, aluminium, Power plant, incinerators and reactors industries.

ALSAI target to be in line with the government aspiration to make Malaysia as an industrialized nation by the year 2020. In view of that, ALSAI currently focuses on this field of business.

ALSAI comprises with a group of fully committed with the 50 years of combined experience and vast Experience management team and a group dedicated workforce who strive to encase the company vision by up keeping our company mission, objectives & principles through uncompromising commitment to implement our vision riding on our core Business values.

Currently we are also worked with consultant and technical expertise to expand our technical knowledge in order to pass on our profound knowledge and shall set to our mindset to satisfy our customers.

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