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Core Value

We stand by our core values to ensure that our customers’ needs and expectations are met without compromise. Therefore, our code is our namesake.

W – Wisdom – Our conduct is guided by knowledge and experience in the field while incorporating sense and insight into making our decisions.

H – Honesty – We maintain the highest standards of integrity towards our supplier, staff and customers.

A – Ambition – We want our brand to be seen in most established shopping malls and become a household name.

T – Teamwork – Our staff will cooperate to ensure the customer’s experience is always first-rate and uphold the company’s reputation.

T – Trustworthiness – We are a reliable company that will continuously serve customers in good faith. We also value that trust granted to us by our staff and customers.

O – Open-mindedness – We encourage open communication and transparency between staff. We are also eager to assist customers in discovering their style without prejudice. We hold the customer’s choices in high esteem.

W – Will to win (willpower)- We face hardships fearlessly and see them as a chance for self-improvement to achieve success.

E – Excellence – We seek to excel in all that we do and challenge ourselves to perform better.

A – Accountability – We are committed to accomplishing everything that we promised and deliver on our professionalism.

R – Respect – We value our staff and respect them as equals. We encourage their growth and development through their endeavours. We appreciate them for their efforts and performance.


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