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Euro-Circuit Technology Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of green degreaser which is an alternative to chemical-based, hazardous solvents by utilising fully & readily bio-degradable materials to remove even the toughest hydrocarbon stains and deposits. Our product called Bio-Solv®.

Our target is to provide a global understanding of the importance of green cleaning and its impact on society and the environment in order to secure the future of our children and theirs. The health and safety of our users and the environment is our top priority and we have designed our products to be safe from the concerns of typical hazardous solvents and chemicals. No short term or long term health effects and no gaseous emissions that pollutes the environment.

We are committed to provide our range of products to all walks of life, from residential to commercial and industrial uses. Our products can be used in various industries from Oil and Gas, Machinery, Logistics, MRO, Aviation, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Building and Construction Maintenance and many more.

We welcome you to join our company for us together saving the world via Green Cleaning Initiatives. Come and join ECT Family!

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