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Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

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With an expanding network of more than 1000 enrichment centres in Malaysia and Singapore, SMM Education Group is one of the leaders in providing a wide range of premier, innovative and interactive well-researched programmes in relation to the enhancement of mental ability, especially the right hemisphere of the human brain, for students of 3 to 12 age group. SMM™ programmes enable students to study more effectively and efficiently, thereby maximising their potential through our innovative pedagogy and materials.

We at SMM Education Group believe that education is more that just teaching children how to study. Rather, it is about teaching them how to learn with joy while developing multiple intelligences and mastery of life skills.

SMM Education Group established in 2002. Since then, SMM Education Group has internally developed and refined their trademarked MRC JSP, MRC Kids and MRC 3Q™ learning programs that cultivates and develops the whole brain across nine multiple intelligence.

After over 15 years of maturation, MRC Learning Centre is now recognised as a world-class education centre, with over 1000 centres across Malaysia and Singapore. Already, over 20,000 children have experienced our whole brain education system with measurable results, giving them a foundation for academic success and a priceless lifetime advantage.

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