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TAKA and Good Sense brand stands for high quality, reliable, innovative and long lasting products. We pride ourselves to be your expert partner for perfect homecare. Our products are built to make your housework easier.  High Quality, Durability & Safety Products Build from a heritage of innovation designed around safety & durability. The focus has consistently remained. Over the last 10 years the JSL company has put together a broad product portfolio and established itself as a market leader in the mechanical cleaning products sector. The focus has consistently remained on the future. Creativity, Innovation, Ergonomics & Design 
State of the art innovations and always having a finger on the pulse of technology are TAKA and Good Sense defining strengths. The creation of new technologies is executed by fusing established know-how and expertise with forward-thinking ideas, thereby offering our customers real help and support around their working lifestyle. It’s All About You Don't you just love that feeling of freedom directly after having finished all the nagging household chores? Putting your feet up and relaxing on a quiet, carefree weekend afternoon at home with the family chatting about the week’s events, safe in the knowledge that you've completed everything.

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Puchong, Selangor

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