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AiRDA Group Sdn Bhd

Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Company SSM No 202001005257 (1361577-H)

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Our Mission is


To empower entrepreneurship and make business success easier globally 


Approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, we believe that it never be an easy journey for an entrepreneur to build and grow their business successfully. So, we would like to encourage, support, and make entrepreneur build their business success easier not only in Malaysia but globally. 


Through education and technology.


Our ordinary education system trains us to have a worker mindset and be scared of change and risks. We teach entrepreneurs the art of building businesses using the leverage of technology. 


Who we are

Audience Centric

We always center our decisions and thinking on what would be best for the people we serve.


Integrity First

We can grow the business and achieve results, without sacrificing integrity & honesty.


Rapid Innovation

We believe true, long-term excellence can only be achieved by continuous improvement and consistently challenging the status quo.


Deliver Significant Contribution

We strive to make significant contribution in every of our participations.


Always Day 1

We work with the excitement, curiosity, and humility of day 1.


Really Simply, Clear & Useful

We make things really simple, clear & useful.


Inject Some Fun & Love

Work can get too serious & dull sometimes.

We try to inject some fun & love into things.


Absolute Ownership

We fully own the problems and responsibilities entrusted to us.


Never Walk Alone

We can only achieve so much on our own.

But with our team, no goal is too big for us.


Set High Standards

We are not okay with "good enough".


We raise the bars and reset the benchmarks.


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Small-Medium Enterprize