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Technobase Industry Sdn Bhd

Subang Jaya, Selangor

Company SSM No 751593-V

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Technobase Industry Sdn Bhd established in 2006, primarily for the purpose of supplying personal safety equipment to the automotive industries.  In its first few years of operation, Technobase Industry Sdn Bhd captured the bulk of the safety glove requirements of many major companies. From Protective Hand Gloves, Technobase Industry Sdn Bhd decided to a more integrated approach to Safety by diversifying its product portfolio. Now, a primary supplier of Personal Protective Equipment and Apparel. Technobase Industry Sdn Bhd takes pride in manufacturing and distributing world-renowned brands in personal safety. The line of clients includes the food industry, shipping and mining, automotive industry and logistics. Technobase Industry Sdn Bhd continues to help companies protect lives through the supply of high quality and dependable equipment. The company is working with customers not only to achieve their safety goals, but to increase worker efficiency in a more cost-efficient and safe manner. The company’s vision is to be a one-stop-shop for Personal Protective Equipment, highlighting the quality of each product in our portfolio.

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