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Maluri, WP Kuala Lumpur

Company SSM No NS0246420-H

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Ace Consistent Solution, a financial consultant company who has gone through many things and help client solved numerous problems related to loans, which is why we are widely regarded as the leading loan agency company in Malaysia. We have a wide range of contact with various banks and lenders in Malaysia. There are no loans that we couldn’t do. For 7 years, we have covered and resolved many complicated loans application issues from banks and lenders.

Well trained in multiple disciplines with expertise in dealing with banks for any kind of loan application. Secured with all documents and will be automatically deleted by our mail server within 60 days. We do not sell or share any information. Providing 101% free service for consulting, analyzing and rebuilding your company portfolio. As the lending terms in Malaysia are higher than ever, it can be a huge challenge for any kind of business to find and apply for manageable loans with low-interest without going through complex qualification processes.

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