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J&T Express 的使命是成为东南亚电商快递的第一品牌:

1. 真正实现电商生意足不出户,简单高效,

2. 切实推动合作伙伴茁壮发展、做大做强。


About us

J&T Express Malaysia is a technology based Express Service Company founded by a group of globally well-known technology renovator and entrepreneurs; our first presence was in year 2015 and we are featuring various advantages in providing high Efficiency, Secure and Quality Express services to our customers.

As a new player in courier express industry, we always harnessing our strategic planning and vision to optimize our services in order to exceed our customers’ expectation, which made us awarded as “The Best Brand for E-Commerce” and positioned J&T Express as the Top 2 Best Express Services in Indonesia.

In the past three years, we will continue positioning ourselves to support and ensure the competitiveness of our company, winning E-commerce markets and encouraging investments.



To develop an internet-based courier services industry that covers the Southeast Asia.



The mission of J&T Express is to become the No. 1 brand of Courier Services Provider for E-commerce in Southeast Asia, and 

1. To truly achieve doing online business without leaving home, working with simplicity and efficiency, and 

2. Effectively empowering our business partners to elevate their businesses to the next level.

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