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Mr.Leow Tit Ban – Ban Heang’s founder. He has used 24 years long from family style business transfer to Penang Famous Local Product Agency. In 1997, upon encouragement from Leow’s mother, Leow start up the business together with 3 workers. At the initial period, in order to save cost and to break-even, he manages the business as a cottage industry. At the time his age is only had 20 years old. Ban Heang is the first in Penang who develop different flavor of Tambun biscuit. At the time, even though Leow’s workload was too much, he still spent time to create different flavor of Tambun biscuits to let customer to have more choices. Ban Heang has succeeded develop orange flavor, pandan flavor, coffee flavor and spicy shrimp flavor. At the initial stage, the whole process, from the research and development, the production, the packing, the hygiene, the wholesale, delivery until the market management, all handled by Leow himself. After delivery he still has to rush back for material preparation for the next day. At that time he only has four to five hours sleep time per day. In 1999, the business getting better and Ban Heang start to have its own regular customers. After consider on business strategy, Ban Heang relocate to Penang Malacca Street. With the ideal to make Ban Heang represent Penang local product internationally, Leow decided to hand over Ban Heang to his mother. And he left Ban Heang and worked as Senior Manager in a famous clothing company, in charge of North region in Malaysia. Leow spent 5 years’ time in this company to gain the retails market experience and reinforce his business management technique. In 2009 where the time came, Leow resigned from the Senior Manager position and return to Ban Heang. He applies all his management knowledge into Ban Heang with the goals to realize his ideal – develop and expand Ban Heang. In 2010, Ban Heang relocated to a crowded area – the centre of Penang – Macalister Road (next to the Red Rock Hotel). At the time, Leow has made a reformation on Ban Heang’s product where products undergo re-packing and improve on the quality. In addition, Ban Heang provides regular on-job training to Customer Service to improve their professional selling and customer service skills. Today Ban Heang is formed by a group of young, energetic and ambitious management team and key personnel. Leow and his team are confident that Ban Heang will bring Penang local product into a new interpretation and to make a mark on this sector. Ban Heang’s principle never changes since established. Ban Heang’s principle is our freshness guarantee’s promise to our customers – “Made Now, Bake Now, and Sell Now”. While traditional handmade is our persistence. Currently there are more than 200 types of product available in Ban Heang where hot selling item will be Tambun Biscuits, Heong Pheah, Beh Teh Saw, Phong Pheah, Durian Crisp and Coconut Biscuits. Ban Heang’s signature products definitely are Tambun Biscuits and Heong Pheah. The intimate service, the rigorous quality, the innovation thoughts, well management is Ban Heang.

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