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Hailam Toast 1935 is conceptualized as a Kluang-born traditional ‘Kopitiam’ serving local cuisines with the intention to bring back the Hainanese delicacies that has a relatively long history and popular among Malaysians. We revitalized the traditional Hainanese ‘Kopitiam’ through a time-tested operating model. The result is a modern ‘Kopitiam’ with a systematic approach to hygiene in food processing and complete cultural integrity. As the years progressed, Hailam Toast 1935 captivates the hearts of many near and far and has became one of the local ‘Kopitiam’ icons with the delivery of our flawless service. At Hailam Toast 1935, we are practicing our core values that are Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSCV) in delivering our services throughout the years. The use of quality raw materials, control of hygiene, integrated supply chain, and constant innovation by R&D systems are our drivers of growth in the ever-changing food industry. We made it by applying robust quality assurance (QA), operational auditing, timely monitoring and evaluation. Furthermore, we are having our independent central kitchen to ensure the standardization of all the food items. The presence of the following core values in every single action leads us to achieve our mission and move towards our vision. Our mission is to offer Hainanese and local dishes value at a reasonable price by emphasizing the element of hygiene, safety and quality. On the other hand, our vision is to bring culturally integrated Malaysian cuisine accessible globally through innovative and sustainable business models.

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Hailam Toast 1935

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