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Myosia is a company who focuses for off-the-road and agricultural tires covering Asia. Our business objective is to maximize customer's satisfaction in term of technicality advice and optimal cost efficiency.

We are energetic & fun company, without the beureacracy of big corporate. 


Why Join US?

#NeverLeaveYourTeamBehind #NoNeckties #NoHighHeels #WorkSmartPlayHard

We want someone who is a cultural fit, able to adapt to our core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that make up to our organization. We believe in value of collaborative work will make a stronger culture fit of each of us!

We want to make a difference to our members, by creating a vibrant community that uses shared spaces and facilities to create a more fulfilling lifestyle.

“Above all, we want to create something we are proud of with YOU; TOGETHER.”

If you interested to JOIN US, please check if you have below 3 things:

1.       Willingness: What We Can Give to You; What You Can Contribute to us (Committed to do a RIGHT thing)

2.       Attitude: Willing to learn, team work, always communicate. Use the RIGHT method to do the RIGHT thing.

3.       Ability: Closing deal skills. Bonus if you have entrepreneur mindset!

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