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In most industries today, packaging is today an integral part of the production process. Products must reach their customers, no matter if around the corner or somewhere else in the world, on time and in good condition. Nobody pays for damaged or goods beyond due dates.

At Mosca Germany we design packaging machines to make sure products arrive in good shape and on time. Some of the many industries we serve are:

  • Newspapers: Produced at high speed, they must reach the reader the next morning. We make sure they stay together until the letterbox;
  • Bricks & Tiles: Heavy, sharp edges, moved on trucks over bumpy roads. We make sure they remain in stacks and do not break when shifted and lifted;
  • Mail order: Couriers for your online orders stop many times, many hands touch the box. We make sure nobody takes something out until your door;
  • Flat screens: Big, heavy, expensive electronics, protected by Styrofoam but only if the box holds together. We strap it tight without breaking any glass

However, we do more than making machines. Across the globe, Mosca stands for excellent expert advice, outstanding machine quality, optimal consumables and a comprehensive service concept supporting our extensive warranties. Our diverse machine range, from semi-automatic to fully automatic includes supporting materials handling infrastructure for fully integrated packaging solutions.

Soon 50 years old in Germany, we operate already 10 years in Malaysia, with such success we could expand the factory. In a new building, air-conditioned and with optimized assembly processes, Mosca Malaysia is now producing one machine series from over 900 components, for Asia and the rest of the world. We continuously improve the assembly process, increase locally sourced components and offer installation, maintenance & repair services to customers across Asia. Plenty to do!


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