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Amy, the founder of Spicy Spicy Hot Pot, originally worked in Singapore, and especially loves Chinese-style Mala Hot Pot.


Amy's father is a famous chef who has worked as a full-time chef in Guangxi, Chongqing and Shenzhen for many years. He returned to China in 2015 to develop and co-founded "Spicy Spicy Spicy Hot Pot" with Amy, which became an instant hit in Johor Bahru.



My father, who has been a chef in China for many years, is very familiar with the authentic Chinese spicy flavor, but in order to cater to the tastes of Malaysians, we have improved the taste of heavy taste, oily, heavy hemp and so on.



Meal Introduction "Spicy Spicy Hot Pot" is a non-Halal food with about 80 kinds of ingredients, including meat, vegetables, beans, mushrooms, claws, seafood, etc. The dining process for diners is as follows: 1. Select ingredients, 2. Select flavor, 3. Select station number, 4. Pay, and 5. Serve the food. Our spiciness is divided into 4 spiciness levels, including: mild spicy, medium spicy, very spicy, extra spicy. In order to meet the tastes of different consumers, we specially launch other special flavors, including: garlic, salted egg, spicy fermented bean curd; soup pots include: spicy soup, pork bone soup.

Slowly, the road of life is full of twists and turns, all of which originate from the personal decisions in our hearts. Floating and sinking in the sea of ​​people, the busy sweat poured out little by little our enthusiasm for the only one left in our life, smoothed the water chestnut of our original intention, and made us gradually become cold passers-by. Spicy Spicy burns every drop of blood in the heart with five spicy flavors, and provides a variety of dishes to accompany you to turn left and right at every intersection you choose.


We are willing to warm your heart on the lonely road, find the taste of your original intention together, and fall in love with your life again.


Everyone has an indelible smell in their hearts. Once they smell it again, the memory will be opened. This is the same belief that we maintained at the beginning. It suddenly awakened the original intention that had been dormant for a long time, and wanted to get back what I wanted at the beginning. Can you still get it back?


Between meals a day, sometimes I have to admit that this kind of life is a bit boring. Whether you are alone or not, you must take every meal seriously. This is quite a lot of spicy and spicy hot pot, which warms your heart and stomach. May you regain the taste of your original intention and fill your life with With unforgettable memories.

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