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We’re Ormond Group. We’re from Southeast Asia, and that means a lot to us – Asian hospitality is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s what makes our hotels so special. Our three distinctive brands, each with their own unique identity, are set to bring the warmth of that hospitality to the world. First up there’s our flagship brand Ormond Hotels, a collection of beautiful boutique properties for the contemporary traveller who appreciates modern, simplified luxury. We also have MoMo's, a playful new hospitality concept that breaks with tradition and celebrates creativity, live moments, and that vibrant city buzz. And finally Tune Hotels, a brand known all over the world for its combination of great value and practicality for travellers on the go.


The thread that ties all of these together? The spirit of welcome and generosity that stems from our heritage, and an uncompromising focus on beautiful, thoughtful design, brought to you by the industry’s top design minds. You’ll find it in every element of your stay, from incredible architecture to intuitive, interesting programming that’s there to enhance travel – not distract from it. Each hotel is unique to its surroundings; at Ormond Group we’re all about telling the local stories that matter and celebrating the culture of every neighbourhood we settle in. We’re excited to bring our hotels and our stories to the world, and we can’t wait to welcome you.


The Open House Spirit


An open house is a uniquely Asian concept, where a host throws open the doors and welcomes everyone into their home. It represents the very best of hospitality: a warm, inviting space with no formalities, where friends become closer, strangers become friends, and people from all over can eat, drink, work, play, and come together. That’s exactly what we hope our hotels can become, for guests and locals alike.

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