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Aura White Global Sdn. Bhd., which was previously known as Aurawhite Beauty, is a Bumiputera company established by Mdm. Nur Fareena Mohd Azmir and her husband Mr. Saiful Safwan Mohamed Ghazi. Both of them are very successful entrepreneurs. Based on her many years of fruitful experience in the field, Mdm. Fareena has successfully founded Aurawhite Beauty, in which the same name is also used for its own products.

Since its establishment in the year 2013, Aurawhite Beauty has been processing its range of products according to Standard Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Apart from taking the market demands as its import consideration, the company also makes it a point to ensure that the processes and procedures involved in the production are in accordance with the standards fixed beforehand. Hence, Aurawhite Beauty is always able to come out with high quality products, which meet expectation and offered with very reasonable price.

In terms of promotion, Aurawhite Beauty promotes its products extensively via printed media, electronic media as well as in the social media. Instances are Star Malaysia, Jilbab, Metro, Women’s Weekly Magazine, Harmoni, TV3, Astro and Facebook.

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