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Max Capital Management is a Global Project Management Consultant specializing in project management, CRM and event management.

To-date, Max Capital Management has a proven record of managing over 60 projects with combined total value Projects Under Management (PUM) of over USD 10 Billion in over 10 countries and managing various types of projects ranging from property development, e-commerce, e-learning platform, hospitality, healthcare, and many other sectors.

As a part of the Max Capital Management Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, Max Capital Management has launched Global Investment Community (GIC) on 15 March 2016 and presently educated over 5,000 Global Investment Community (GIC) members globally with an experienced global team dedicated to managing a knowledge-sharing platform and finding more opportunities worldwide. This education knowledge range from property, business, entrepreneurship, and many more. It is performed through Max Capital Management's exclusive and trusted global network, proven experience, Property Investment Life Cycle (PILC)® and Business Investment Life Cycle (BILC)® strategies, and willingness to share know-how with the esteemed Max Capital Management GIC members.

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