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Port Klang, Selangor

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As the world industrialises the harm to the environment magnifies; green house gases, toxic emissions and discharges all combine to damage mother earth.

At APM we recognise that our efforts to grow must in no way compromise our attempts protect the environment. We are committed to manufacture our products in a clean, sustainable fashion. All of our manufacturing units have been awarded the IS*4001 certification, a testimony to how serious we are about the future of the planet. APM will continue its efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen.

In addition to taking care of our environment, APM is also committed to maintaining a high standard in occupational health and safety at the work place. Our human resource team is actively participating in providing training on a regular basis to our workforce. APM’s comprehensive annual health and safety programs include continuous medical surveillance and regularly conducted activities by both external and internal teams to improve the safety of the work area.

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