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Yecron SDN BHD is a Malaysian company that offers cosmetic care services. They have introduced certified Chinese orthopedic techniques to provide unique cosmetic solutions to their clients. This technology has already established more than 160 orthopedic chain stores in both China and Malaysia, offering professional services to a wide range of customers. The process of orthopedic care is a non-invasive treatment method, different from traditional surgical approaches. During orthopedic care, there is no need for surgical procedures, instruments, injections, or medications. This means that orthopedic care does not come with any side effects, has minimal risks, and is an entirely safe procedure. Yecron SDN BHD is dedicated to providing high-quality cosmetic care services, ensuring that clients can achieve satisfactory results. Whether it's improving one's appearance or restoring physical health, their orthopedic techniques offer effective solutions to clients. By employing certified Chinese orthopedic techniques, Yecron SDN BHD provides clients with a safe, effective, and side-effect-free choice for cosmetic care.

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201701033099 (1247270-p)

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