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Chef Kecik Kitchen (CK) is more than just a bakery. It is a story of an idea, a haven of hope that make people believe that everyone can achieve their dream. CK kickstarted the vision by sharing baking tips and recipe to the public. After some time, people started to notice and gave positive feedbacks. “We want more!”. The desire of doing sharing is pumped up from day to day, so CK decided extend the idea by initiating baking class for fellow bakery enthusiasts that are suitable for start up and experienced baker. Since primary school, CK’s founder has developed his love interest in the world of baking. He started his journey by watching cooking channel on television. Besides that, his mak cik (in English we call aunty) supported his interest, pave the path and gave him the head start. Through out the journey, some people ask, “can men survive in bakery? This is because women are dominant in this industry”. Some people see this as taboo because men should be doing other challenging job. The founder take it as a challenge and prove himself worthy in the field. Along the hardship, word-of-mouth recommendations and networks, CK is now known as an established brand for its cakes and cookies. There’s a one time where the founder was featured in this newspaper and he said that: “I have received criticism or slanted views from people but it doesn’t matter to me, instead they are excited and surprised because men can bake a cake and cookies from home”. Many people started to purchase CK’s products and join the baking class. Currently, CK has about 30,000 online students from local and international. The idea of CK to expand his idea of helping people achieve their dream (enhance baking skills and generate side income for their own good) and baking class is blooming bigger than ever, and continue to evolve from time to time. Our promise is that CK will always strive for the best in everything we do and we aspire to be the brand of choice in the future.

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Chef Kecik Sdn. Bhd.

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Small-Medium Enterprize

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Food / Beverage

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Jalan Eco Majestic 10/1D 30, Beranang, Selangor, Malaysia

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Service Crew Member Sepenuh Masa

MYR1,500.00 - MYR2,300.00 Per Month
22 Mar 2024

Kitchen Crew (Hot Kitchen) Sepenuh Masa

MYR1,500.00 - MYR2,800.00 Per Month
22 Mar 2024

Assistant Pastry Chef Sepenuh Masa

MYR1,600.00 - MYR2,000.00 Per Month
22 Mar 2024