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Bukit Jalil, WP Kuala Lumpur

Company SSM No LLP0018751-LCA

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YC Lee & Co PLT (Formerly Known As YC LEE & CO) is Malaysia’s leading accountancy, tax, and advisory firm that provides meaningful advice and services to leading organizations and growing businesses. Established in 2003, our focus is on you, your business, your challenges, and how you define success. We are a one-stop center offering auditing, taxation, corporate consultancy, and advisory services to meet all your compliance and business needs. Serving clients across Malaysia, we provide a comprehensive range of professional and independent services. When we work with you, we immerse ourselves completely into your world by treating your business like it’s ours. Our dynamic team of experts are driven to create quality outcomes and shared value for our clients to enable them to reach their full potential through our integrated services model. No matter what industry, shape, or size, we adopt a partnership-style approach with all our customers while maintaining an open and frank communication. Along with our unwavering commitment, we constantly strive hard to offer innovative solutions that enable our clients to maximize growth opportunities, improve processes, and avoid pitfalls

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