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A lifetime brand starts with a lifetime commitment

ad time celebrates 25 years in its timeless journey since 1989, where Mr YY Kwan, the founder and Managing Director, and partners decided to build ad time in realising their passion and love towards the artistry of timepieces. Since then, ad time has formed valuable lifetime partnerships and relationships with various licensing partners, distributors and retailers. Among ad time’s licensing partners are Alain Delon, Bonia, Braun Büffel and Valentino Rudy who have believed in them in being one of the renowned timepiece distributor in Malaysia and globally. Besides licensing brands, ad time also distributes timepieces from world-class brands including Versus by Versace, Cerruti I88I, Invicta, Swiss Military Hanowa, Timberland, Esprit, Suunto, Puma, Pierre Cardin and also Rhythm clocks. ad time also manages and distributes ToyWatch in South East Asia.

ad time also practises a unique corporate brand culture of lifetime commitment to achieve lifetime partnerships with its licensing, distribution and retailing partners, lifetime team, timepiece partners, corporate partners, government institutions, non-governmental organisations, the society and the country. From the top management of ad time throughout all levels of their lifetime team, they place emphasise on dedication and responsibility to perform the best of their ability, at all times. ad time supports their lifetime partners whenever in times of need, creating newer and better designs of timepieces, providing end-customer services, guiding their team and many more to continuously deliver excellence in sophistication for the benefit of all.

To reinforce its brand promise of a specialist in the timepiece industry, ad time has established various licensing, distribution and retailing corporations currently situated in Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Through our brand slogan, a lifetime partnership, we intend to reinforce our brand promise of lifelong support, understanding and trust.

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