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The Uncle Lim's Philosophy

The café culture in Malaysia and Singapore cuts across all creeds and races. Whether we choose to call it a Kopitiam, a Kedai Kopi or a Mamak Stall, these outlets have long been providing us with affordable, wholesome drinks and snacks that are prepared in various traditional ways that is so reflective of our multi-ethnic society.

The ubiquitous Kopitiam had long been the social focal point for the peoples of this region. Leisure time was enjoyed with friends over cups of freshly brewed aromatic kopi; important decisions were often made; personal and communal feuds were amicably settled and even matrimonial arrangements were finalized! Such were the significant roles played by the humble Kopitiam apart from serving wholesome and affordable traditional fare.

The Kopitiam can rightfully claim to be a part of the history and the melting pot culture of modern Malaysia and Singapore.

Uncle Lim’s is about modernizing the Kopitiam whilst preserving its old charm, so that it can take us into the future instead of fading away into oblivion.

Remember the long-necked kopi pot and the flannel sieve that were used to make kopi?

Remember the Kopi Kau served in those thick porcelain cups and saucers with the green floral motif ?

Remember the charcoal toasted bread with fragrant kaya and butter that tasted so yummy?

Remember the half-boiled eggs that went so well with soya sauce and pepper?

Remember the fragrant nasi lemak that used to be our favourite breakfast?

Well you don't have to reminisce any more. You can re-live history. Uncle Lim's has brought the past to the present and we're committed to take you into the future. Uncle Lim's is not only about the best wholesome and traditional homegrown fare. Uncle Lim's is also about nostalgia; it is about extending history and it is about preserving our unique culture.

"Beware of Kopicats...."

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Uncle Lims Cafe Sdn Bhd

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S1-1A-A01 DOMESTIC DEPARTURE/ARRIVAL, LEVEL (AIRSIDE), JALAN KLIA 2/1, Sepang, Selangor, 64000, Malaysia

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