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Shah Alam, Selangor

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In our 2 Acres land here in Malaysia, we have our products manufactured at this state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Fiber Optic Assembly – With sophisticated polishing, assembly and fiber optic testing equipment from USA and Japan, we have the facilities of making full range of fiber cable assemblies in Malaysia. All the finished products are tested according to the International Standards to ensure that they are offering the best performance.

Metal Fabrications - The facility uses contemporary technology for design and manufacturing of Racks and Cabinets. With our in-house facilities, we are capable to customize the Racking cabinets and panels to fulfil various requirements and specification. Some of our expertise includes manufacturing of outdoor equipment cabinets, antenna mounting bracket and accessories, cable ladders, DDF frames, equipment racks & etc. Each and every single component is manufactured in compliance to the required standards and specifications. All outdoor cabinets meet the stringent IP55 requirement and passed temperature test for outdoor application.

Coaxial and RF Assembly – We have has one assembly line especially for RF and coaxial jumpers and RF accessories to cater for the growing of mobile and wireless market. With this assembly line, Advancednet is able to customize different type and size of jumpers for both local and overseas customers at competitive price. To complement this product line, we are also assembling RF accessories such as feeder clamp and grounding kits to offer a complete BTS and IBC requirement.

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