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Founded in 2013 Usahamaju Magnet was set up with the vision to provide local labour force for different qualified businesses. It was done to meet the ever growing demand of labour in national industrial sector. As we grew, we expanded and diversified our service into many other sectors, thus, providing services which was a helping hand to clients. We became the all in one solution for many outsourced services.

Our founders are the owners of a well-established company, Usahamaju Osman. Who was a pioneer company in the cleaning service industry. They have more than 20 years of experience. With their knowledge and expertise that they brought, UMM managed to achieve exceptional results in a short period of time.

Our hardworking and vibrant team works 24/7 to ensure smart best services under an astute management. We pledge unconditional commitment to deliver the best to our clients. To us, our clients are like a family so we execute our duties with utmost care and devotion. We believe that teamwork makes a dream work.

We are a honored SME that steers to greater zeniths with a robust revenue growth and excellent services in the span of a few short years.

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Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang

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