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Storm Solution Sdn Bhd is a technology solutions provider that specializes in technological building blocks for any companies by providing specialize Training, Consultancy, Manpower Outsourcing and IT Services that ensure you have focus on your core business. Our solution includes Network Integration, Unified Communications, Network Optimization, Network Security, Data Center Solutions and Microsoft Core Infrastructure Optimization. We enable people, process and technology for your company to realize their full potential and together we will grow your company and business together. Our mission is to help our partners in upgrading their workforce to be competitive in today’s challenging market. We provide bespoke soft skills training, project managements and IT training courses that are relevant to your organisation’s enhancement. Employees that are properly and relevantly trained in their professional developments are more knowledgeable, motivated, responsible, and productive.

Why join us?

We're different. And we like it that way. We have created an environment that values employees not only as professionals but as people. We create growth opportunities for our team and invest for their success. We are recognized as one of the leading recruitment firm in the Malaysia for headhunting, executive search, expert, technical and IT recruitment. We share an unrivalled passion to help you succeed in your career by understanding your goals, then providing you with companies looking for driven, dedicated and exceptional people! Experience Storm Solutions and give your career a boost by submitting a CV today.

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