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stin College (ASTIN), previously known as Institute Astin, was established in January 1997. For its strong commitment to provide excellent education, ASTIN was appointed by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) as its collaborative partner in offering USM off-campus study in the Klang Valley. The first batch of 19 graduates received their degrees from the Vice Chancellor of USM at the USM convocation on August 2001. On 17th May 2005, ASTIN was upgraded to a college status by the Ministry of Higher Education and named as Astin College.

At ASTIN, we are certain that we have the dedication and ability to produce quality graduates for the future, equipped with quality programs and experience in life-long learning to face current and future challenges. As an educational institution, ASTIN has accountability for both cognitive and affective domain on top of educational development of each individual through the process of education and experience that we offer.

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