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Our Company Profile We are a group of young and dedicated photographer and cinematographer, who are passionate in telling love stories with exquisite visual. You may call us creative narrators because we believe in doing distinctive work, breathing life to your story. Our team has been to more than 400 weddings in total to date and taken wedding photographs and videos around the globe including Europe, China, and countries around Asia, such as Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan. AsiaWPA International Photography & Videography Competitions is a platform where thousands of creative artists from Asia around the world came to participate and challenge themselves. We are grateful to achieve a great success in this competition as well as receiving the international recognition in this industry. Our hardworking and dedications had brought us honour in winning a 2nd Place and 4 Excellence awards in the AsiaWPA International Photography & Videograph Competitions 2018. Being one of the top 3 wedding studio in Malaysia, we are here to provide you with the best photography and cinematography, tailor-made to your individual needs, customise especially for you. What we hope to do is to capture the most precious moments in your life and treasure it in the most memorable way.

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