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Lavender Confectionery & Bakery Sdn Bhd

Johor Bahru, Johor

Company SSM No 499702-V

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WHO WE ARE Lavender (since 2000) started as a bakery and patisserie inspired by the pleasant scent and beauty of the Lavandula plant. We have since included several dining concepts; self-service, casual L.bistro and restaurant L.table Like many privately-owned companies that are of their time-honored traditions and highly crafted products, we are one family-owned company that has our lives dedicated to our products. From gourmet burgers to natural-yeast starter breads, copper-cooked jams to no-filler sausages, our products are homemade from scratch using the most natural and wholesome ingredients with no added preservatives and / or additives. We work closely with our purveyors and chefs daily to ensure our food integrity are not compromised and artisan culinary techniques are preserved. Food is our forte as we test and refine every recipe till it is crafted and styled to perfection. We believe unadulterated food prepared thoughtfully honour quality ingredients and the people behind them. We prefer hard work, passion and care rather than high margins and hard marketing. In other words, we believe hype is nothing, substance is everything. We would much rather focus on what really matter: Our products, our people and our customers. After all, happiness is a best dish shared! When your heart beats a little faster, you have enjoyed the Lavender experience.

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