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With 45 years of combined experience in many areas of communications and marketing, Hero Media is a reliable vendor, client and partner. From publishing and media properties to full advertising agency services, from film and video production to printing and graphic management, Hero Media does it all with the right people in the right positions. Our goal is to deliver an outstanding, precise "Return on Investment" to each client's bottom line.
In today’s highly competitive market place, we provide all services at their maximum potential output for our clients, as well as for our partners and vendors. These efforts will return the results we are all looking for, maximum ROI.
Product & Services
The Hero Media Group can provide expertise in many areas of advertising and communications.
The HMG US Office runs functional departments in the following specialties:
Creative Development
Media Planning/Buying
Online Marketing
Graphic Design
Printing Management
Film, Video and Digital Content Production
Custom Publishing/Joint Ventures
Media Properties
Hero Media Interactive in the Philippines offers specialized services:
Commercial Website Strategy and Development
Web Technical Development/Programming
Web Creative Design, UI Architecture
Web Content/Information Architecture
Web Advertising Campaign Development
Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Surveys and Research Architecture
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Online Guerilla Marketing Strategy and Support
Flash, Javascript and 3D Animation Services

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