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M-MOS develops MOSFET and IGBT process technologies and designs standard and custom devices with the technologies.

M-MOS unique business model for MOSFET is to focus on selling WAFERS to its customers.  M-MOS specializes in guaranteeing maximum quality on wafer level, so that its customers can concentrate on their core business (packaging, marketing and sales of MOSFET discrete devices).

M-MOS's expertise ranges from high volume (up to 8K 200mm wafers/month), price competitive products for consumer market to the highest quality products for the automotive industry.

Product & Services

M-MOS is dedicated to designing and producing power MOSFET and IGBT semiconductor wafer to meet the customers' target specifications. M-MOS will design, develop and qualify the MOSFET and IGBT wafers during the R&D stage.

Since the inception of M-MOS, X-FAB has been the foundry that supplies the wafers to M-MOS. M-MOS and X-FAB has signed a long term wafer supply agreement and as such X-FAB will continue to be the strategic partner in the supply chain for M-MOS products.

M-MOS will continue to invest in R&D and product development which are strategic for the future needs of the power management world, expanding our product portfolio beyond the current low voltage power MOSFET product line as well as expanding into the automotive market segment.


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