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About 太平山莊集团 Prestavest Memorial Park - Group

Prestavest Memorial Park is the leading private memorial park group in Northern Malaysia. The professionally run and maintained parks in Taiping (established 1996), Alor Setar (established 2006) and Kulim (established 2011), provide crematorium, columbarium and burial services and products.

As the pioneer private memorial park operator in the Northern region, Prestavest Memorial Park was also amongst the earliest accredited operators with the ISO 9001:2008 certification for Quality Management System and UKAS accreditation. A member of the established International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA), Prestavest Memorial Park has and continues to strive to provide the best service to the multi-racial and multi-faith communities in the areas it serves.

太平山庄成立於1996年,现今营运及管理着太平与亚罗士打两处之墓园和现代化火葬场。自1996年起,太平山庄就以北马区现代化殡葬服务先驱的姿态经营业务,基於为了服务及迎合庞大的北马区人口的需求,我们于2006年在亚罗士打, 于2011在居林开设了第二和第三座墓园和火葬场。

马来西亚是一个多元种族的国家,有多元民族自由信仰的社会特质,承传了各式各样的殡葬礼节和仪式,我们的服务和墓园规划,也因此仔细考量了佛教、道教、基督教(天主教)和兴都教徒们的特定需求. 太平山庄获得了ISO 9001:2008品质管理系统认证,也是马来西亚首间获得ISO 9001:2008 的风景墓园。

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