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Offer letter masih tak dapat,risau company nak buang secara tiba2

Hi Wife saya sudah kerja selama sebulan lebih.setakat ini masih tak dapat offer letter dari company. Dia kontrak setahun. Bila ditanya,mereka menjawab tidak perlu lagi.ada sebab tertentu kenapa masih tak dapat?
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As an HR expert, I understand that not receiving an offer letter can be a cause for concern. There could be various reasons why your wife has not received the offer letter yet, even after working for over a month. Here are a few possible explanations: 1. Administrative delay: Sometimes, due to internal processes or workload, it can take time for the HR or administrative department to issue offer letters. It is possible that your wife's offer letter is pending due to such reasons. 2. Verification and background checks: Certain companies may have strict policies regarding background verification and reference checks before issuing offer letters. These processes can sometimes take longer than expected, causing a delay. 3. Internal changes or restructuring: If the company has recently gone through organizational changes or restructuring, it might have temporarily disrupted the offer letter process. It is advisable to check with the HR department if such changes have occurred. 4. Miscommunication or oversight: It is essential to ensure that your wife has provided all the required documents and information accurately. In some cases, there might have been a miscommunication or oversight that resulted in the delay. To address this issue, I would recommend your wife to have a conversation with the HR department or her immediate supervisor to seek clarity on the matter. They can provide insights into the specific reasons for the delay and guide her accordingly. It is crucial for her to communicate her concerns effectively and obtain a clear timeline for when she can expect to receive her offer letter. This will help alleviate any worries and provide her with a better understanding of the situation.