I did 3 interviews and later found out that the salary they offered are way lesser than what was advertised (SPM level salary). Recruiters said totally diff thing from the hiring manager. Frustrating. One time, I was told the company provide room rental for their workers so I was ready to start working immediately. Only after I did their assessment, phone interview and video interview, I was told it was just temporary and the salary also lesser than what I was told earlier. This isn't the first time this happen to me, I feel like I'm wasting my time convinving the wrong people. Am I somehow being targeted by bad companies? I also keep getying reached by companies but as soon as I start searching for reviews, theyre almost all bad or their online presence is nonexistent. Is this a normal phase of job search? Every day I feel more desperate to end this vicious cycle, I'm scared that I might just accept an offer out of spite and that would just sabotage my career in the future.


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