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FUN & TRENDY in-store background music service provider that available in 75+ countries! Very user-friendly, and it’s easy to manage one location or 5,000. Our clients' shopping or dining experience deliver by any of our 300+ curated Playlists for every type of business -Shoppers experience for retailer, and mall, hot workout music for gyms, kids music for toy stores and children's clothing; Chillout music for posh lounges, clubs and restaurants even for events -- plus the Hottest Pop Vocals and Club, Dance-Pop, and EDM music on the planet -- and 30+ “Easy Listening Music” playlists at our client fingertips.

With over 6,400 talented DJs, composers, singers, bands, and orchestras uploading all NEW, all ORIGINAL music daily, Sparx and its affliate playlists are always fresh, new, trendy -- and enjoyable! Each track has been curated by our savvy music supervisors, who stand ready to assist.

Transform your Customer eXperience with Us!

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