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M Fried Chicken was founded and dedicated to Malaysians who love fried chickens. Who does not love fried chickens anyways? It’s almost like a national dish, and a major complement to Nasi Lemak!

Seeing lines and lines of people queing up for fried chickens from other countries, our team felt the need and obligation to create a fried chicken that Malaysians can be proud of, a fried chicken that we aspire to create lines and lines of people in other parts of the world someday too so that people would know about Malaysia’s Fried Chicken. We want to create an impact, a lasting impression that we are more than just a country that is famous for beautiful beaches & beautiful people, but Malaysia is also a food heaven that has centred itself creating wonderful food that make people happy.

With limited funds for renovation and opening a store front that requires a few hundred thousands RM to start with, we decided to go with delivery as we can focus on our limited resources to creating an excellent product rather than spending money on a store front. With delivery, comes the challenge of crunchiness as it will take time from fryer to customers. So we have developed our fried chicken to stay crunchy even after 30-45 minutes. (With all natural ingredients of course !)

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