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While most of the company dream of having a big ship, we dream of sailing across the

world with our small boat.


IAQ Facility Services were born within a small number of people, but possess thousands

of people's passion as our team are highly motivated and enthusiastic in moving this

company to expand its wing wider and stronger. And it's proven by our actions, which we

have conquered this industry locally and internationally, deliver services through our

expertise, managed by our idealist for all types and range of customers from land to the

sea, and from moderate to high-end clients.


IAQ Facility Services Sdn Bhd is the local's dominant player in Indoor Environmental

Quality. It was established in 2018 as SME that serves a wide range of customers in a

variety of industries and customer segments. Since her inception, state-of-the-art

equipment and technologies have been introduced to enhance productivity and

efficiency of our services.


We aim to protect people from the harmful influence of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), by

presenting an extensive choice of high-quality services tailored to ensure our clients

can provide a high level of Indoor Environment Safety and any hazardous situations can

be eliminated without risk to human health.


Backed by a string of successfully delivered projects under its credentials, IAQ Facility

Services has repositioned itself as a leading Indoor Environmental Specialist which

renders decent services incorporated with internationally recognized safety practices.

We offer a specialized range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and specialist cleaning services,

from air duct cleaning, disinfection, commercial, oil & gas to industrial solutions.

With over 100+ millions of square feet experience across every industry sector across

Southeast Asia.

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