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Inai Scarves is the brand under the Amg Inai Enterprise, co-founded in Bangi. Launched in 2016, we are among the fast-growing scarf retails business in Malaysia, focusing on high quality of tudung bawal and shawl. Inai Scarves has grown up alongside this great country and our mission is to be one of the market leaders in Malaysia in future. Currently our workforce is made up by 4 passionate and great employees to help us achieve our purpose and mission in this business and we need more people to grow bigger.

Our mission on our employees is to make sure their wellness is well taken care of first in order for them to give a full and the best performance during the working hours. Over the past 3 years of operation and development of our business, we already have a few hot selling product line such as Inai Basic, Basic Shawl, Inai Magic and the Inai Miracle, which all these products is develop to serve women who wants a comfort in wearing scarf in their daily routines. Every product developed comes with different target market as we made our research as we develop any products to make sure it’s going to meet the needs of target market.

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B-1-13 Street Mall Bangi Gateway, Jalan Gerbang Wawasan 1, Seksyen 15 Bangi Gateway, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia