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About Black Peacock Textile

Black Peacock was founded by the founder of Kardio Enterprise in the year of 2011,

through a multi-culture influence, Black Peacock distinguishes a generation’s 

passionate curtain expertise. Utilising our strength for design and flexibity,

our aim is to unite the World of textile with a world of culture.

Specialising in window dressing, Black Peacock has, today, established a strong

foothold in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, UK and presence in Indonesia. Our Products are

not only suitable for residential homes but are also used in various commercial

sectors e.g hotel, hospital, offices and etc.

Creating beautifully curtain pieces has always been Black Peacock’s passion, and now 

they boast the ability to produce these unique contemporary pieces at an international 

level. These array of skills and textures coupled with their desire to enhance diversity

around us, bring Black Peacock to a place “ Where Textile and Culture Meet”

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