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CIJ’s Vision
The Centre for Independent Journalism, Malaysia (CIJ) is a non-profit organisation that works towards a society that is democratic, just and free where all peoples enjoy free media and the freedom to express, seek, and impart information.
CIJ began its work in 2001, so has been part of the advocacy scene in Malaysia for over ten years. Our major campaigns have included lobbying for a Freedom of Information Act, repeal of the Printing Presses and Publications Act and the publication of an annual report on freedom of expression in Malaysia.
Areas of Work
CIJ actively advocates for a broader space for expression and views, and openness of information in Malaysia.
We are the leading organisation working on freedom of expression, media freedom and ethical journalism, and contribute to the public debate through press statements, articles, and an annual review on the Malaysian situation, among others. We campaign for the repeal of restrictive laws such as the Printing Presses and Publications Act and the Official Secrets Act and against additional legislative curbs on media freedom. CIJ attempts to raise public awareness on the values of freedom of expression, press freedom and freedom of information by organising and giving talks on these subjects. One of our signature events is the annual celebration of the World Press Freedom Day on May 3.
We also engage stakeholders, including local and international civil society groups, journalists, academics and lawmakers, to build a strong network for mutual collaboration on free expression. In summary, CIJ strives to fulfill the following objectives:
    Promote and defend the exercise of freedom of expression
    Ensure good policies and advocating legislative change
    Raise public awareness on freedom of expression/information to mobilise support for media freedom, expression and access to information
    Facilitating marginalised voices through community media
Our team and our commitments
CIJ has a small team, which means that all staff can take advantage of training and travel opportunities. While remuneration is not competitive with the corporate world, the advantages of working with us include an invigorating and stimulating work environment, rewarding work and travel opportunities.

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