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We are one of the largest and established tiger prawn farm located in Kuala Selangor. Our operations are fully intergrated in which it covers from the hatchery operations to nursery operations to farming activities till processing plant. Our hatchery, nursery and farming activities have been accredited with ISO 9001. Our processing plant has also been accredited with HACCP. We are able to culture shrimps throughout the year. Our environmental friendly culture method uses probiotic bacteria which enhances shrimp culture pond ecosystem and produces big size shrimps. Our shrimps are free from synthetic chemical as we do not use antibiotics, bacteriacide, fungicide, pesticide and etc in our shrimp culture thus our shrimps are safe to consume.

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Karun Klasik Sdn Bhd

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Lot 3797 Kampung Assam Jawa Mukim Api-Api, Bukit Rotan Kuala Selangor 45700, Malaysia