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KURITA Water Malaysia Sdn Bhd (KWM) is a high technology water treatment specialist company. Incorporated in 1994, KWM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KURITA Singapore Pte Ltd, which is the regional office for KURITA Water Ind. Japan.The parent company, KURITA Water Industries Ltd. Japan is one of the world's top Water Treatment Company and has gained worldwide recognition for the contribution in treatment water related appliaction. This is made possible through the intensive Research and Development in our R and D Center in Singapore and Japan. The research facility is the finest of its kind in the world where a broad spectrum of water treatment related application research is carried out.
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KURITA Water Malaysia was established to attend to the needs of regional customers in every aspect of business from after sales services to technical support.Our business activities include supplying chemical and technical services for cooling water, boiler water and waste water system.The treated heat exchangers and water related systems have enjoyed continuous smooth and cost efficient operation with Kurita's invocative formulation. Our boiler treatment chemicals have increased heat efficiency and reduce fuel consumption by inhibiting scaling.We also provide consultancy to company in the field of water treatment. We will provide solution to those companies whom have set back in water quality.

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